Marcia WeistCommunity Activist

    Marcia Weist, a New Mexico resident for over two decades, came for the sunshine.  She loves New Mexico, the outdoors, adventures and music. Her career, largely based in service, includes marketing campaigns in long term medical and psychiatric care, management of government programs for the disabled, adult education, and training.

    Marcia has raised funds and awareness in the area of the arts, domestic violence, animal welfare and homelessness.  She has a keen appreciation for the work of Revolution 120;  to gather for good times while raising money for people in dire need. Revolution 120 is unique and addresses needs not met by any other entity by helping individuals take a step back from crisis. Marcia feels honored to serve on the board of this revolutionizing organization. Marcia encourages others to serve because she believes that someone out there needs you,

    Thank you Sumer, This is a huge job!!


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