Cancer Warriors of Las Cruces

A new type of support for people battling cancer has arrived in Las Cruces. Marci Dickerson and an amazing group of women, most of whom are cancer warriors, have created Cancer Warriors of Las Cruces to assist those fighting the fight. The founders include:


Kacee Benford – Owner of Hey Pretty Lady


Chelsie Carter – Co-Owner of B-Well Functional Medicine & Wellness


Ronna Carnathan – Makeup Artist/Hairstylist/Entrepreneur


Julie Gustafson – Physical Therapist


Laura Pierce – Human Resource Director, Memorial Medical Center


Roberta Martinez-Flores – Managing Member, MECA Therapies


“The cancer journey sucks, we want to make it suck less” says Dickerson. The groups goal is to provide advice, tips and functional items that people facing the different stages will need to make it easier.


The four identifiable stages which will be address are: First Diagnosis, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation. “Each of these stages have their own challenges and require different items to make the journey easier. We intend to provide those items”. Kacee B


“Many people think that all the information is given at the doctors office but through our separate journeys we have found that Doctors and nurses are there to save your life and they don’t always offer the tips your fellow survivors can to make the journey easier” Ronna C


The group will be gathering and providing a list of resources of all things to their participants. From support groups to places to get your hair washed to daycares that will provide free services during treatment. We will also be providing items that people may not know about but make it easier. For example during the surgery stage you will need a drain shower caddie to put your drains in while you shower, speciality made t shirts with pockets to hold your drains in. During chemo things like a blanket, speciality socks, head shaving help and advice on speciality skin and mouth care. These types of items make the journey easier.


“None of these items or advice are considered clinical information but more like a guide to help people get thru the challenges of cancer and treatment” Roberta F


We will also be providing information on meals and other holistic options in between stages and after these stages are complete. “ we at b-well are really looking forward to our part in the nutritional and natural medicine that can make recovery from cancer treatment much faster and less traumatic”-Chelsie C


The group begun its fundraising with Chemo Clips 4 a cause when member Julie Gustafson first had her head shaved and raised $7,000 thru donations.


“I believe everything happens for a reason and if I was diagnosed with breast cancer to be able to educate and help others, then I will 100% do it. Being in company with this amazing group of women is bringing all of our expertise and vision to fruition! We can’t wait to help the Las Cruces cancer community and give back.”-Julie G


When it was Marci’s turn the group publicly announced the Cancer Warriors mission and began the major portion of the fundraising. A public lunch is planned for late March to launch the details and the major fundraisers. Interested parties are asked to reach out on Facebook Cancer Warriors of Las Cruces or text Dickerson directly at 575-644-0778

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