Mission Statement:
The purpose of Revolution 120 is to positively impact the quality of life for individuals and the community of Las Cruces through the gifts of goods or services only – no monetary donations will be granted. Every grant recipient will be expected to “Pay It Forward” to help others in their neighborhood or our community before receiving a grant. Only one grant will be awarded per individual in a lifetime.

Revolution 120, Inc. (hereafter referred to as R120) helps meet needs in the community by paying for goods or services. R120 does not make cash awards. The maximum value of an individual award is $1000.00.

Only electronic applications will be processed. Please fill out this form completely. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Only selected applications will be contacted or notified. You must be a US citizen to receive awards.

Please note that R120 does not fund scholarships, medical assistance, political causes, religious activities, education/training, or illegal activities. R120 reserves the right to determine to whom and when funding will be offered, and may deny any application for any non-discriminatory reason.

All assistance from R120 requires a “Pay It Forward” activity consisting of doing something for others.  All volunteer hours must be completed before assistance is delivered.

Applicant must commit to completing a specific task in return for our help, (for example: volunteering at the soup kitchen, driving an elderly neighbor to the store, etc.)

Volume Matrix
$0-$250 5 Volunteer Hours
$250-$500 10 Volunteer Hours
$500-$750 15 Volunteer Hours
$750-$1000 20 Volunteer Hours

Application window-the 1st-5th of each month via website.

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