Revolution 120 is blessed to have support from individuals and businesses that have allowed us to have a positive impact on our community.   The following is a list of what we have done to benefit the community, the partnerships we have been fortunate to have formed and the awards we have been honored to receive:


• Families & Youth Incorporated- remodeled and furnished visitation rooms.
• Partnered with Booker T Washington Elementary To purchase clothing for underprivileged youth.
• Gospel Rescue Mission Thrift Store Fire – provided replacement clothes for over 700 children.
• Purchased 60 box fans for seniors
• Emergency Teen Shelter – purchased furniture and goods to equip and open shelter.
• Gave away 30 twin beds for kids in partnership with Ashley Furniture


• Family of 6 provided new stove, and propane for winter months.
• Single Elderly Male- robbery victim- provided furniture and necessities,
• Single mother of 3- fixed her car to provide family transportation
• Grandmother raising 4 grandkids- paid for husband’s burial.
• Elderly Female- repaired giant holes in floor
• Young mother of 2- rent assistance families trailer burns down -rent assistance
• 80-year-old-male -purchased ac window unit for trailer
• Firefighter with terminally ill wife and 3 kids- repaired major damage in home
• Grandmother & 5 kids- clothing and food for the children.
• Grandmother & 7 kids- provided bunk beds, food and clothing.
• Local veteran-paid travel expenses to get new prosthetic limb.
• Single mother of 3- rent assistance.
• Single Mother of 2- provided plumber to repair gas leaks
• Pregnant victim of domestic violence-rent assistance
• 8th grader was raising money for Funeral for his father and uncle, whose deaths he witnessed.  Contributed to burial expenses.
• Mother of 2- rent assistance.
• Provided funds for two wheelchair ramps.
• Provided funds for transportation to specialist for 2 yr. old critically ill child.
• Provided funds for 200 pairs of shoes for children.
• Provided clothing for 5 impoverished families


• Partnered with Booker T Washington to provide clothes for homeless children
• Purchased 60 fans for elderly
• Raised $34,000.00 for El Paso victims


• Gifted a Car to elderly couple with no transportation.
• 5-year-old with serious respiratory issues- purchased specific air filter.
• Elderly Disabled Male- replaced door damaged during a break in
• Single Mother of 2- assistance to stop eviction
• Elderly Couple-   Husband suffered a stroke and couldn’t access home – built ramp
• Mother of 2 whose husband was killed- Food assistance
• Disabled woman- repaired gas leak and got service established
• Blind man living with his child- no electricity, rebuilt the electric service panel
• Disabled Veteran- Replaced stolen wheelchair
• Female Stroke Victim-Bathroom destroyed from water damage. Fixed bathroom
• Elderly man with severe osteoarthritis- fixed hot water, repaired bathrooms and installed grab bars
• Elderly female- fixed hot water heater and repaired damages to home
• Elderly couple- no water, no refrigerator – fixed water, provided a refrigerator
• Domestic violence victim and young child – supplied furniture and items for child
• Elderly woman with no refrigerator to store food and insulin.   Provided refrigerator.
• Single Mother of 3- rent assistance
• Grandmother and 3 children- provided beds for the children


We received the following awards in 2019
▪ Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce Charity of the Year
▪ Jardin De Los Ninos Champion for Children
▪ Girl Scouts of America- Jo Tice Bloom award for Outstanding Community Giving.

• Devasthali Community Grant
• Mesilla Valley Transportation Charity Golf Tournament
• MVT/EP Chihuahuas Community Grant
• Ashley Furniture
• Las Cruces Fire Department/MIH
• Las Cruces Home Builders
• Sun City Plumbing
• ECS Electrical
• Rawson Builders Supply
• Wal mart
• American Linen

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